Process Works


Organized -> Prioritized -> Prepared -> Confident



I help visionaries achieve their dreams through process.

My clients have fantastic ideas and are daring and full of energy.  Sometimes all it takes to catapult them into the next level of their success is some facilitated analysis, planning and proposal development support to give structure to their ideas and to bring in new funding.  That’s where I come in. 

I value authenticity and autonomy deeply.  In fact, at age seven, I ventured to tell the judge presiding over my Canadian citizenship ceremony that I didn't want to become Canadian (she kindly informed me I could decide to relinquish it at age 16, which I firmly didn't).  That's why, when I work for you, I get curious about what your dreams are so that, together, we can design creative planning solutions that thrill and energize you because these reflect real solutions for bringing your vision to reality.


Issue Analysis


As a project facilitator, I help create more effective, focused plans and proposals that suit the priorities of my client.  They know their business.  My job is to draw out their genius.  For many clients, identifying and prioritizing their ideas is the first step.  Having clear priorities sets the stage for focused planning. 


Issue analysis can be a one-on-one or with a group.  My tools include inquiry, facilitated discussion, interest-based and compassionate communication, and research.




"I try to imagine my goal as a reality, and then work backwards to figure out all the steps I need to take to make it so." - Janet Echelman


Like artist Janet Echelman, I believe in the power of possibilities.  Focusing on your dream and desired outcomes and then systematically evaluating how these can be achieved creates clear plans of action.  You can then draw in the expertise and other resources needed to make your dreams a reality.  In cooperation with your content experts, I can help create or facilitate a plan to achieve your goals, taking into account timelines, budgets and standards. 




Where written proposals are needed to gain internal or external support (e.g. grant proposals, approvals to develop, letters and forms submitted to institutions), I can put my business background, legal and analytical skills to use to help you to shape and communicate your project in an understandable, compelling way.  A key consideration in preparing any proposal are the standards of the party you wish to persuade.  Ask yourself by which standards the deciding party will measure your proposal and how you can demonstrate how you meet the party’s expectations while remaining true to your goals. 




Facilitators contribute to planning processes and effective meeting management by focusing discussion, providing process for achieving deliverables, and, where groups are involved, improving group dynamics.  Facilitators focus on process and relationships while typically remaining content-neutral.   


The role of the facilitator may be as simple as clarifying meeting goals and agendas.  Often it involves leading a group through a series of activities designed to achieve specific deliverables (e.g. action plans) while encouraging balanced participation.  Starting points for planning meetings include asking questions like, “What are your meeting goals?” “What are the deliverables you wish to obtain?” “Who will take part?”  “What are the group dynamics?”  and “What are the constraints within which to make decisions?”


About Elke


I am a natural organizer who loves process, planning, researching and writing.  When I was setting up a Skills Development Program for a ski club, I used to joke that I’d rather write policy than ski.  My passions are complimented by a Master in Laws from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (1995), and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Alberta in Canada (2000).  I have trained as a mediator and am fascinated by nonviolent communication.  I believe that people can achieve their goals while remaining compassionate and authentic. 

Elke Haggerty, LL.M., MBA




There are many good resources out there.  Here are just a few that I feel really stand out:


  • Nonviolent Communication: A Language for Life, by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. Nonviolent communication (NVC) or compassionate communication is a life game-changer.  If you are interested in solid relationships, emotional health and success in persuading others, I haven’t found a more effective way than NVC.  This straightforward methodology shows you how to communicate in a persuasive, respectful manner.  For an introduction to the method, watch a 1 or 3-hour video of Dr. Rosenberg:



  • Getting More: How to Negotiate to Achieve Your Goals in the Real World by Stuart Diamond of the Wharton Business School.  This is my favourite book on negotiation to date.  The book describes compelling, goal-oriented negotiation strategies that leave your personal integrity intact.  It is neither win-win nor positional.  It’s effective.  My only objection to this book is the reoccurring references to peoples’ titles and educational credentials; fewer references would still have assured the reader that this was a book worth reading.  My advice is just to ignore these references.  This book is for anyone negotiating – in other words, for everyone.






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